Join Me at The Mom Summit: Because We Are Our Greatest Resource!


I am not HUGE on going to big conferences. They feel TOO LOUD, TOO BIG, TOO MUCH. And so I love online conferences that lets you listen in on people you adore and respect and glean bits and pieces of wisdom you already have but just need refining. Or wisdom that is waiting to shift… 

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50 Important Mama and Life Lessons I Want My Daughter To Know

I generally suck at list blog posts but I hear it’s good to get out of your comfort zone  once in a while all the time so here we go. In no particular order, I present to you 50 things that came to mind when I imagined myself talking to my daughter 10-20 years from… 

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Healing the Mother Wound

This post may have some slight typos and grammatical errors. Please don’t let them keep you from reading it with your soul. I just don’t have the time to meticulously edit these days. And honestly? It’s part of how I heal from the Mother Wound. I’m giving Perfectionism the finger. So please read this not-so-perfect… 

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Naomi’s Corner: How To Make a Paper Bag

Today, Naomi is sharing how she makes paper bags for her doll in this easy DIY tutorial. You will need 3 things: Paper with pretty designs Scissors Scotch Tape Here you go! Enjoy and let us know how yours turned out!


My 5 Essential Secrets To Cleaning House (For the Lazy Ones and Those who Just Hate Cleaning)

Here’s a confession: I don’t like to clean. I like to tidy up because I can’t stand a mess. It makes my skin crawl. I have much much lower tolerance for it than my husband and of course, my 5-year old daughter, who loves to sprinkle magic dust (aka glitter) around the house and still thinks… 

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The Secret To Un-schooling and Working For Yourself

Today, I want to tell you the secret to unschooling & working for yourself. Ready? Here’s the secret: There isn’t one. Yup. So sorry to disappoint you but there is no magic formula to this. Or to anything else for that matter. Because what works for one family doesn’t work for another. I do know… 

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On Breaking Routines + Choosing Pleasure: Picnic Family Breakfast

I’m not a big routine person. But I know how good it is to have rhythms at home that help all of us get into the flow of the day. So I try. But since breaking routines is my specialty, I thought I’d share with you one idea to break out of your boring breakfast… 

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