Our Unschooling Journey: Morning Explorations and the Art of Start


Starting our days well is huge for me. Mostly because I am NOT a morning person. I repeat, I am NOT a morning person. In fact, I often wake up bitchy and remain bitchy for the first 2-3 hours of the day. I kid you not. Just ask my ever-so patient husband. Having a child… 

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Coming Home…To the Moon and Back


  Today felt soft and sweet. I enjoyed a Sunday afternoon with my family in ways I haven’t in weeks. See, I’ve been elsewhere but here. My heart in knots and my mind in a daze as I tried to find my way back. I’ve been feeling a little lost, you see. And I’ve been… 

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How Busy Moms Meditate


I have a secret: I don’t meditate! Nope. Never liked it. And I doubt I ever will. At least not the kind of formal meditation practice that involves sitting in stillness for however many minutes or hours everyday. It’s not really because I’m busy. I do not like getting into that vicious busy cycle that I… 

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Natural Medicine Cabinet Makeover Webinar & Essential Oil Giveaway!


Are you curious about essential oils? Want to know how I use essential oils in our home? Want to learn how to get stated with your own Family Physician’s Kit, get wholesale discounts, earn free oils and a part-time income just by sharing these natural alternatives that are so, well, essential in every home? Join… 

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