Our Unschooling Journal: How Can We Go Wrong?


A L M O S T  S E V E N   Y E A R S. Almost seven years  I’ve spent my days growing, learning, working and living life alongside my daughter.  In some circles, they call this lifestyle un-schooling. I don’t really care much for this label but it explains my general approach to our […]

The Best Kind of Mama


The best kind of mama is a well-nourished mama. One who takes deliberate care of herself from the inside out. Vibrant mothers are no martyrs. They enjoy life as much as they enjoy their kids. They know who they are and they are growing increasingly comfortable in their own skin. They don’t apologize for getting […]

Quick Meal Inspiration: Stir Fry Beef and Veggies Recipe


CONFESSION: I have totally lost my kitchen mojo. I tried to get back to my cute meal planning doodles. I went back to Pinterest after a year hiatus. I even contemplated buying a few new cookbooks just to shake off the cooking blahs I seem to have gotten these past few months. Nothing was working, you […]

Mama WeekCrafting Mondays:


Hello friends and whoever else is reading this neglected blog! How has your summer been? Ours is a mix of wonderfully warm and long summer days with a few crazy shit thrown in (and by crazy shit I mean mama’s personal crazy shit!) I have a tendency to quit writing when I have those CSD (crazy […]

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