What Are You Teaching Your Kids? Compliance or Initiative?

Photo by Ethan H

Seth Godin thinks that it’s easier to teach compliance than initiative. And I disagree.

Of course in the classroom, it’s far easier. I think it’s almost a necessity given that if you are the teacher, you are outnumbered and by golly, compliance IS your friend.

But to a toddler, it’s actually harder.

Because they come in bundles of self-will. Of this never-ending impulse to discover, experiment, feel, experience all that now has to offer. They come to us with 100% initiative to do and to be without much thought to consequences and expectations.

Isn’t it ironic that as adults, this is what we so try to be? But that because we are so caught up in the never ending mire of compliance, of expectations, of the shoulds and oughts, we have to shell out money for therapy trying to find ourselves, recover our initiative, our self-will that we have lost along the way?

We have much to learn from our little ones.

And of course, they have much to learn from us.

Let’s just hope it’s not compliance.

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