8 Easy and Frugal Ways To Make Your Food More Nourishing

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There’s a season for elaborately done + uber-healthy meals. And there’s a season for simple yet nutrient dense meals that make your bank account giddy with extra change. If you are in the latter, here are some ways to cope with grace:

1. Simplify With Greens
Add a simple raw/fresh green salad in place of cooked vegetables to your dinner meals. Skip the lettuce and go for the deep green stuff. Nothing is simpler than throwing a good salad together. Add nuts, cheese, boiled eggs, anchovies? Oh yum!

2. Eat Your Liver
Try sneaking in ground liver to your ground beef recipes. Making meatloaf or meatballs? Grind your liver in your food processor and ¬†mix it up with your beef. Try to find organic grass-fed calf liver. Super cheap-er, super nutritious and your family won’t even know what hit them (just don’t put too much in there!)

3. Go Brown
Substitute brown rice pasta in place of your regular one. If you eat a lot of pasta, try heading to your Trader Joe’s and stack up on their brown rice pasta for a mere $1.99 per package. It’s the best value I’ve seen and it compares well to more expensive brands like the Tinkyada.

4. Serve It Smooth
You can make a smoothie as yummy and nutritious as you’d like. Add greens, a little bit of flax seed oil, a little bit of coconut oil, yogurt/kefir, frozen berries and a bit of maple syrup and voila! Nourishing breakfast on the go!

5. Stock Up The Salmon
I read here that canned seafood (as well as canned corn, canned poultry, canned beef and canned beans) at Trader Joes come in BPA-free cans (I plan to confirm this at some point myself). So stock up on their canned wild alaskan salmon for fast nutritious meals and snacks. Who says you can’t afford to eat your Omega 3s on the cheap?

6. Add The Eggs
Add it in your salad. Add it to your meat + rice. Add it to your creamy pasta sauce. Or just eat it plain for a quick nutritious and affordable protein. Boil a few and have it handy dandy in the fridge when the hunger strikes. (You read about my take on eggs before, right? Right. Just checking.)

7. Cook In Broth
I usually make broth at least once every other week. I like having broth for cooking rice so it can soak up the good stuff even if we are not eating anything soupy for that day. It’s really easy to make chicken broth and here is an article why this needs to be a staple in your diet.

8. Spice It Up
Herbs and spices not only add so much depth and flavor to dishes, but a whole lot of health benefits as well. Add cinnamon to your oatmeal, tarragon in your dressings, cumin in your meatloaf, stevia to your tea, fresh basil to your salad and more.

Did I miss anything obvious? Probably. So chime in and tell us how you make your food more nourishing, simple and cheap!

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