Let’s Start The Revolution: Welcome To Inspired to Create Mondays

Welcome to A Revolution Of the Nourishing Kind! I am so honored that you would choose to spend time with me here and join me in this journey of becoming the life-giving force of a woman-wife-mama that we undeniably are.

Today is Inspired to Create Mondays and we will be exploring the idea that Creating Is The Highest Work We Can Do and how that redefines how we view our Productivity, Time and Energy. I chose Mondays to tackle this topic because it truly sets the tone for the rest of our week: how we view work determines the kind of work we produce. I want us to start well by being focused, motivated, inspired and grounded.

Redefining Work

“To live well is to work well.” Thomas Aquinas

If the key to living well is to work well (and I would add to love well), how do we go about doing that? What does it mean to work well? We certainly know how to work hard and work a lot. But to work well is another story. Busy or getting a lot done doesn’t necessarily mean fruitful if it doesn’t lead to a life well-lived. 

“Somewhere there is great enmity between our daily life and the great work. Help me, in saying it, to understand it.” Rainer Maria Rilke

So. Why do most of us then see work as drudgery, or endless list of things to get crossed off our list, or a source of perpetual stress/frustration/boredom/_______(fill in the blank)? Why are we running around like a headless chicken, or if you are more like me, staring into space totally overwhelmed into inaction by everything that needs to get done?

“Most of us…have jobs that are too small for our spirit. Jobs are not big enough for people.” Nora Watson

Because we have too much on our plate? Because we take on things that we don’t care about? Or not good at? Because we’re too lazy?

Or because we reduce the idea of work into a….job?

The Idea: Creating Is the Highest Work We can Do

I can’t remember now where I first heard of this phrase. But when I did, it struck a chord deep in my heart because it gave a new dimension to a certain paradigm of work that I have been searching for all my life. I wanted work that I 100% believed in (Mission). I wanted work that inspired me everyday, work that I was eager to wake up to, work that I’d gladly spend long hours laboring over (Expression). And I wanted work that gave incredible value (Provision).

Mission + Expression + Provision = Creative Work

Is it really possible to find work  that combines all three elements into a seamless one? I would argue yes, and that one doesn’t need to look far and beyond to find this kind of work.  And that we need to instead look within and find our innate ability to create the starting point for such a work.

The thing is, most of us, including myself, often see creativity as something only “artists” have and that “art” belongs to museums and galleries and theatres and concert halls.

But it ain’t so.

What Kind Of Work Do You Do?
As a Stay-At-Home Mom, this question is quite tricky for me to answer because I do all kinds of work around here. I am a childcare provider, an educational facilitator, an in-house dietician, a developmental psychology scientist, a housekeeper, a chef-in-training, a personal shopper, and on goes the list.

But none of that matters if I just approach any of these as just a job. As something I have to do to keep the boat floating.

Something changes once I see what I do as Creative Work, because then I am aligning myself to a Mission bigger than myself, while Expressing my Core need to add to the Beauty of this world, which in turn Provides incredible Value to those I care about.

When Monday morning comes, we  are all charged with Work and unless we see Work as a Function of our Creative Abilities and Calling, we’ll be miserably dragging our hands and feet to the task.

Work = Act of Creating With Such Attention and Heart or the Act of Creating With Our Whole Self.

This is the basis, I think, of Work that we all can aspire to do every single day.  By seeing work (any work, all work) that we say yes to as part of our higher calling to participate in Creating, then everything we do becomes Art.

Cleaning the toilet? Folding clothes? Keeping a home free of clutter? Cooking a nourishing meal? Spending time with our children wholly? Art. Art. Art. Art. and Art.

At least potentially.

Perspective is more than half the battle.

How do you define work? How about the work you do on a daily basis? Do you see yourself as as a Creative Being called to Offer Art to the world? Why or why not? If this article resonates with you, feel free to share it to as many folks as possible! Just asking you link back here somehow. Thank you!

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