Pssst. We’re Talking About the “O” in the Mom Today….

Ladies, it’s been such a hectic week and there is so much I want to share! But I’m still figuring out how to carve out time to turn this blog into what I’ve been envisioning it to be (hence, the search for a babysitter begins!) So for today’s “talk” about the “O” in the mom, I’m going to introduce y’all to Nicole Daedone.

You may or may not have heard of her but she has something very very important for every woman to hear.  And it has a lot to do with what I shared about motherhood + sexuality a few weeks ago. So without further ado:

What do you think? And oh yes, do visit the Turned On Women website if you can. I have more juicy stuff to share very soon!

 PS Do you like the new look? Lot’s more (slow) changes coming your way…


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  1. says

    My initial reaction is to think that perhaps she puts a little too much stock in the transformative power of female orgasm; BUT, I agree with her contention that women suffer from “Pleasure Deficit Disorder” in this culture. So it’s great that she is (as you are!) trying to find a cure.

  2. Lindsay Rose says

    I already shared the link with two of my best friends. I’m curious to hear more about her “method,” and whether she finds the value in the physical act of orgasm or the emotional connection . . . or both.

  3. Christa says

    Very interesting! I’ll have to watch in again with my hubby and see if we can make that happen :) It may be to much to ask, but are you going to share your journey with your readers? It’s a public domain, so I’m curious what you are planning!

  4. Vina Barham says

    @Lindsay Rose, Thanks for sharing the link Lindsay…I can’t speak for her but it seems to me that she would find value in both, and that perhaps True Orgasm lies not in either the physical body or the emotional connection but in the convoluted middle of the two.

  5. Vina Barham says

    @Christa, Oh dear Christa, I just intend to follow the Divine Breadcrumbs and see where it leads! But I do know I’m supposed to…and that I want to share journey when it’s time….Thank you for following along!

  6. says

    Hey Vina, I don’t know if I would say she “overvalues” it . . . it just seems like there might be other kinds/sources of pleasure that could also fill that hunger that she describes. But I have to admit that I haven’t given that much thought to the topic yet, so i can’t say that for sure. Just my initial reaction.

  7. says

    I think she’s on to something. We are social beings, and spiritual beings. Until we can touch Spirit in each other, we are missing a piece of our social foundation on which all (com)passion is built.
    And I can totally see how a lack of that connectedness would lead to too much work/food/shopping etc, chasing the feeling of being “a piece of the whole, a part of the main”.

  8. Vina Barham says

    @Lauren, Yes yes totally Lauren! I really think it is about touching the Spirit in each other, this connection that she is talking about. I love how you wrote (com)passion. Made me think. THank you so much for your insightful comments!

  9. Kesha says

    Wonderful post, Vina! I’m so glad someone has FINALLY begun to talk about the importance of female sexuality! Thanks for being the brave one.

    First of all, I think the speaker’s experience may have been such a lightbulb moment for her because what she experienced was the essence of pure love (not necessarily romantic feelings, but someone’s desire to serve her without expecting anything in return). When people experience love, they are changed.

    Having not read her book or blog, I don’t know how much emphasis she regularly places on spirituality. For me, it’s the key component. I believe orgasm was designed by God to show us an example of the intimate, knowing, grace-filled relationship he longs to have with us. Orgasm is not the solution for our heart’s need for connection. It is merely a starting point, a reflection of the mind-blowing eternity he wishes us to join him in. I know not everyone will have the same take on it, but these were my rough thoughts after seeing the video. :-)

    Thanks again, Vina! I look forward to reading more.

  10. Vina Barham says

    @Kesha, Thank you Kesha. I really appreciate your comment! It’s exactly what I was looking for – rough thoughts from mamas and I share some of your sentiments, which I hope to soon write about…still working it in my mind and heart though. And hope to have you back here for hte discussion. :)

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