Remembering: Back To BabyWearing (And My Favorite Ring Sling)

Note: Kathleen’s posts on her Attachment Parenting series inspired me to revisit babywearing. I kinda want to revisit some other AP related stuff and how I see Attachment Parenting a little bit differently now three years later. But for today, allow me to gush about Babywearing. Really, I’m all love.

It’s been about two years now since I have last used my beloved ring sling. And getting it out of the storage and onto my body is bringing back so many fond memories of my first year as a mama.

(If you missed it, I started nannying a month or so ago as a way to earn extra income while still spending time with my daughter. It’s been quite the challenge transitioning all of a sudden to caring for two littles, but my daughter has wonderfully surprised me by being a very doting and loving older “sister” to this 5-month old boy who have joined the rhythm of our home.)

How I loved that ring sling! It really is hands down the best babywearing gear ever.

That first year is probably the most memorable year of my life. Becoming a mother, the most transformative. And is still transforming so many parts and pieces of me. Babywearing was such a fun aspect of that first year because it made it so much easier to go to places and do things with my baby. She gets to be close to mama and I to her. It really made my first year of motherhood lovelier.

The best part was probably how easy it was to nurse my little one anytime and anywhere. The ring sling makes it so so much easy to turn my baby’s position within seconds and to nurse her without having to cover up. The sling gives a bit of a privacy and I didn’t have to use a nursing cover ever, which I hated. Now that I’m caring for another baby and have to bottle feed him, I definitely can see the advantage of breastfeeding for demand nursing. For some, bottle feeding may be a better fit for their lifestyle but for me, babywearing and breastfeeding fit together beautifully.

The ring sling was also awesome to use for my husband. It’s a one size fits all and super easy to adjust for all body types. I love men who wear slings! Particularly this one!

When my daughter got heavier, the Ergo replaced my sling for longer babywearing and doing more active chores and the like. Like when I rearranged and moved furniture around the house, as I am known to do about once a month. Wearing her on my back also felt more freeing because sometimes, wearing a baby can feel like a bit of a restriction on your movement just like when I was pregnant. Wearing a baby on my back felt like I finally had the front of my body back!

But the Ergo was also good for when she was smaller. And that little hood to cover her up when she was napping? Brilliant!

I’m sure there are tons of new and improved kind of babywearing stuff but the ring sling and the Ergo totally met our needs. I tried them all (mei tai, wrap, pouch sling included) and the ring sling and the ergo were my top favorites. Should we get pregnant again, I probably will rely on these two. I’m actually ready to let go of my stash so hmmm….a giveaway in the future maybe? Any interests?

Oh yes, my favorite sling? Sakura Bloom. Made of Belgian linen, amazing solid colors and just plain durable. Pure Love for these slings from me! Curious? Click the image above. And yes, it’s an affiliate link by the way!

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  1. Amber says

    Loved our ring slings too. I still have one in the car just in case and Henry is 32ish lbs! It’ll still work in a pinch. I didn’t like my ergo. It made me look all boobs and belly. Which is probably more true than I want to believe. :-/ I have recently discovered the MT love and Henry really likes it too- fast and easy to get him on my back and still comfy enough to carry a heavy toddler. I LOVE bwing and am so very thankful that I got in to a bwing group that helped me make it possible before I gave up. Yay BWers!

  2. Vina Barham says

    @Amber, 32 lbs! Wow. Yes we loved the MT too, just takes longer to tie up. And ESP hard while riding the bus. Yay baby wearing!

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