Merry Christmas! (And A Little Holiday Break!)

Merry Christmas

Photo by Jennifer Donley

I’m a little bit late in telling you, but perhaps you already figured that I’ve decided to be on break for most of this month. (I hope to do better with more timely announcements next year!) To be fair, I wasn’t planning on it, but we got hit by a nasty bug the past couple of weeks and I don’t do well when I’m sick. Like, I turn into the world’s grouchiest mom and I lose all sense of patience and kindness and other evolved consciousness of some sort. Like, I just want to hang a sign on the door of my bedroom to pretty please just leave me alone in bed for days. And to only knock if you have some warm soup to offer. Alas, 3-year olds can’t read (nor follow) such signs.

Now that everyone is recovered, I’m tempted to choose between playing catch up with everything I think I am supposed to be doing, OR simply enjoying the last weeks of 2011 before welcoming in the new year. And I choose the latter. There is so much to reflect on, let go, learn from and celebrate. And infinitely more to look forward to.

I’m also still confused about what to celebrate about Christmas, let alone how to celebrate it so this year, we’ll be defaulting to how we’ve always celebrated it: with extended family and of course, good food.  No handmade gifts this year, but I did manage to practice conscious spending and bought most of my gifts at Ten Thousand Villages.

Come next year, I’m thinking tropical beaches. Or something like that. I want to see what it would be like to NOT participate in Christmas at all and not feel like a total scrooge.  Hmmm. We’ll see.

But for now, I send you all the warmest holiday greetings!!!! Thank you so much for making this year awesome and for being the encouragement I need to keep writing! I have magical plans  brewing for this blog and for y’all this coming year and I’m excited to make them happen. I’ll be back when the New Year rolls around.

Love and Light,

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  1. says

    Well, we’re spending Christmas in the tropics and have completely foregone any traditional holiday celebrating, and let me tell you, it is AWESOME. I have heard maybe 5 Christmas songs this year, spent about 8 minutes Christmas shopping (I got one gift card for a secret Santa exchange), and did zero Christmas decorating. When my husband and I drive around in town at a normal, relaxed pace, and have hysterical shoppers honking at cursing at us for not moving fast enough, it always takes us a few moments to remember that everyone else is caught up in the holiday craze. OH YEAH: Christmas. It’s so great. Even though we’ll probably never go away for Christmas again, this no-crazy Christmas thing has got me convinced I’ll never join in the crazy again. We’ll see what we end up doing in future Christmases, but I definitely don’t want to celebrate in the mainstream fashion.

    Also: if you have to buy gifts, I agree that Ten Thousand Villages is the place to get them! It’s usually the only place I’ll buy gifts, too.

    Merry Christmas! Looking forward to seeing what you bring us in the new year!
    Kathleen Quiring´s last blog post ..Why We Don’t Get Professional Family Photos

  2. Vina Barham says

    @Kathleen Quiring, Wow Kathleen! We are really sort of living parallel lives, except you’re living my dream holiday right now! :) How fun to be in the tropics during winter! When I lived in China, we always spent the winter break in Thailand and I LOVED IT.

    Enjoy your Christmas, no matter how you celebrate! :) Thank you for all your encouragement, and most of all, for your Presence here.

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