Hello 2012: Coming Home To Presence, Purpose and Pleasure

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

And I’m hoping it’s been true for you.

Because it’s been true for me.

I’ve been long gone from this space and I’ve really missed it. And I missed you.

But sometimes, we need to step back to gain perspective and clarity and I’ve been really needing that for awhile now. I just couldn’t keep plugging away without a clear vision and intention for this space. There’s so much that has changed from when I started this blog and I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep going. It’s not exactly the “brand” that captures where I am now and certainly not where I want to take this blog. While I still hold dear to my heart all the things I valued back in the beginning, there has so much that shifted. The context and vision for my mothering and homemaking are now completely different.

That, and there is so much more I want to explore and offer on this blog.

To Re-Brand Or Not To Re-Brand

I’ve been so tempted to “re-brand” and start over.  I’ve been wanting  a new domain and blog name for the longest time  – something that communicates more accurately my vision for this space. There is wisdom in that, especially since I’ve been really wanting to (1) marry my passions around a central theme (2) build a business around  those passions + all that I’m really good at and (3) create a tight-knit community of like-hearted mamas around said theme.

Except a big part of me wants to hold on, to all 309 posts, to all the amazing mamas that make this blog worth coming back to, to all that this blog still means to me.

It’s a dance really. Sort of how I’m dancing in the tension of holding on to some remnants of my childhood faith while letting go of the rest that just don’t work for me anymore. How does one even go about doing that?

But here’s what I’ve come to realize. Everything in this life is always shifting. We’re all in a constant flux, really. Each season on earth comes and goes, just like each season in our lives that brings about something new and lets go of something old.

In many ways, we are all constantly evolving. We’re no different from our children, whose growth is perhaps only more pronounced because they have not yet forgotten how  to live in the Present.  We are growing up as much, even just a little bit every single day.

I’ve also come to realize that I want my new “branding” to evolve organically instead of forcing to birth it on my own time table. My current blog brand (anourishinghome.com) won’t fully capture all of me and all that I want to experience and offer in this Life. But why let that stop me?  Instead, I’m redefining my current “brand” and making it to mean what I what it to mean. For now.

(If I’ve lost you in all that branding verbiage, it’s okay. It will still make sense I promise.)

A Nourishing Home = Coming Home To Our Feminine Essence

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz says it best, “There is no place like home.” And yet like her, most of us venture far and wide to seek That which we already possess. That place where we have everything we need is here, at Home: the Home we find within ourselves, the Home we came into this world- our Body (and a Feminine one),  the Home we discover in the Gifts with which we can serve the world, the Home we build with our  Family and  the Home we seek among the Sisterhood of like-hearted women around the world. Where we get lost and confused, we’ve strayed away from this Home, the center of our Wisdom and our True Feminine Essence. Home is the intersection of the Divine and the Human that we are all made of, and it is where all our True Longings come from and are magically met.

I want this blog to be a space for women and moms  everywhere who have heard that call to return Home, back to who we Truly are as Women and as Goddesses of sorts. We’ve been on an exile far too long. The world has suffered from our Absence. It’s time to click those Red Shoes, dear Mamas (except you gotta get em out of your back closet first and wear em!). The return Home starts Here, in acknowledging and healing the Wounds,  in embracing all that We Are, and in finally Honoring, Celebrating and Offering our Feminine Essence we’ve so long held back from the world. Here, we will explore all that we are created for as women, daughters, wives, mothers, beginning with Presence, Purpose, and of course Pleasure. Yum Yum.

I want this blog to be A Nourishing Home for us all.

Want to come on this beautiful ride with me and make this our best year evah yet?

Blog Intentions for 2012

So after a long hiatus, I’m back to blogging daily. Yes. That is my commitment. Starting today, I’m here every single day. Even if I’m just sharing a photo or a quote to inspire you to live big, bold and beautiful!

I’m also working on my first e-course to offer on this blog and I’m hoping to hold a women’s circle online where a group of us can pursue our intentions for a life of Presence, Purpose and Pleasure (or whatever your intentions are!) together. I’ve been doing this sort of thing and didn’t realize that I’ve been a coach my whole life – since grade school days! I love inspiring women to live fully and I just sort of got side-tracked when I stopped living mine that way.

SoI wanted to share some things I’m drawn to explore for this year (a year is a mighty long time so know these things might change!) and I’d LOVE for you to tell me which things you are drawn to and why. That would be mighty fabulous of you!

Nourishing Our Feminine Essence

  • I Am Goddess: If you dare, come explore Feminine Spirituality with me! Here, we’ll dive into healing, happiness and health for women. I also want to seek ways to hold on to Jesus, my childhood Companion and Teacher while following Truth wherever it leads me.
  • Rooted and Radiant Sisterhood: This one is all about Sacred Sexy Self-Care For Moms – where we dig into radical self love, except we do it together!!!! I want to share how I self-healed my depression and fatigue and for every mom who feels worn out and burnt out, this one is for you.
  • NIA Notes: I’m on a (looong) journey to become a NIA instructor one day and I want to share my practice of NIA as a recovering dancer. This one is about learning to inhabit our bodies in Presence and Pleasure.
  • Year of the Dress Edition: I’ll explain more but since the start of the year, I’ve been wearing a dress a day (for the most part.) And it’s a challenge I want to extend you all lovelies. I also took a sewing class  a few months ago and I just LOVED it. I want to sew more. The plan is to learn how to sew my own basic clothes. Wouldn’t that be so fun?

Nourishing Motherhood

  • Velveteen Mama Diaries : Of course, how can this blog exist without mama confessions ? I spill the beautiful and the not so. The stuff that motherhood is all about: working out our own dramas so we can raise our children without them. :)
  • Magical Childhood: Here, I share how I’m pursuing Presence and Pleasure in my  everyday life with 3 year old. I will share photos of the small joys and wonders (and of course, the chaos)  that comes with childhood.
  • Learning Together: I’m gearing up to be a home-schooling mama and I want to share my research here (on learning and child development), if only to help me solidify my reasons for doing so. I want our homeschooling experience to be full of the P’s (words I’ve already used a lot in this post so I’ll try to use them less…except it’s so hard not to!) And I want to interview other mamas who are doing it. I hope to attract a community of eclectic homeschooling mamas who share my obsession with the P’s. :)

Nourishing Food

  • Visual Weekly Menu: I’m not sure about this yet but I’m going to experiment sharing our weekly menu visually, meaning photos.  I’ve been taking SO MANY PHOTOS of our food and I need an outlet! I haven’t quite decided yet whether I’ll be a week ahead in real life so I can share the photos of food I’ve already made…I’m leaning towards that but we’ll see.
  • Healthy Treats: We love to bake yummies made a bit more healthy and it seems like I get asked the recipes for these said indulgences. Sugar gives me the crazies, not Pleasure so I’ve learned to bake without it! I’ll share my tips here!
  • Real Food Hacks: If you’re a mama who likes to learn how to transition to whole food and traditional cooking without the guilt and angst, I’ll share hacks I’m learning right here. How to make healthy eating fun? (Oh yes, we did the GAPS diet this January and now we are done! We did it just to detox but we’re moving on. Still eating lots of broth-based food and cultured stuff but hello grains! We’ve missed you!)
  • Small Bites: And finally, snack and lunch ideas for the littles. Because they eat like every couple of hours, you know? And I need the reminder to make it as  fun as I could because it feels like feeding the little is all I do some days.

Nourishing Homemaking

  • Make It Lovely: My home is pretty minimalist and I am in the mood to go from drab to fab! My old minimalist philosophy is still somewhat alive, but I’m onto braver and bolder ideas: I want to be surrounded by Beauty if I can help it. And that includes my home. It doesn’t mean I have to fork out a lot of money, nor does it mean I totally abandon my sense of simplicity. So far we’ve been transforming the rooms into our house slowly but surely into something more lovely! Presence and Pleasure in the small things!
  • Generous Homemaking: This one is simply about extending that Presence and Pleasure lifestyle to the world at large, most especially to others who need it most. I’m going really crazy by considering Foster Parenting again (oh, and I’m back at nanny-ing once more! I tell you, most of our suffering is in our mind! I’m back to loving it again!)…there has to be a reason why it’s in my heart, right? I’m also wanting to learn how to become a better neighbor. Because honestly? I haven’t been. How does a recluse build community right where she is? She can’t! So, how do I quit being a recluse and still honor my need for space and solitude? And finally, I want to tackle the issue of Helping without Harming. Something I’ve been passionate about since my missionary days. Because really? Not all Helping really helps.
  • A Home More Natural: Oh yes, I’ve been tinkering into homemade remedies lately. I have scalp psoriasis and I refuse to put tar on it! So I’ve gotten myself into herbs and such...Susun Weed is a good teacher but I have so much to learn! I want to expore more about natural health for families…vaccines and such and how that all ties in with..yup, you guessed it, Presence, Purpose and Pleasure! 

Nourishing Livelihood

  • Social Media and Blogging Goddess: I didn’t realize this but I’ve been blogging for what? 8 years now! And did you know that I started my own website in 1996? Yup. So needless to say, I’ve got some stuff to share in this department. (Oh, and I’m on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram a lot. Hang out with me there? And I want to learn how to live it up on Twitter vewy vewy soon.)
  • Conscious Entrepreneur + Passion-Based Work: I‘m learning SO darn much in bits and pieces about working for yourself and centering your work around your purpose and passion. But there is so much to learn! So, I’m hoping to interview women who are rocking both business and home life. I’m out to prove that  we can have it all!

Nourishing Family

  • Happily Ever AfterI don’t feel qualified to give marriage advice ever, only to share our story as honestly as I could. We have our struggles, but this is the year I want to be MORE about happiness in our marriage. More ooh-la-la-la and orgasmic joy in all proportions.
  • Merry Family: Simple family time is what we’re all about. How to pursue Presence, Purpose and Pleasure as a family? How to slow down and enjoy the simplest things together?

Nourishing Art 

  • Everyday Creatix: Oh yeah, one of my intentions for the year is to CREATE something beautiful every single delicious day of my life. Whether it’s a drawing, an outfit, well-strewn words, a story or something yummy in the kitchen, I’m chanelling my Inner Creatix instead of Consumer from Hell. Create with me?
  • I Have A Dream: I’m retracing my way back to my childhood dreams and making them happen. Like, how I’m dancing again.  And other magnificent stuff. Photos, inspired vignettes of amazing people who are doing it too. Weekly steps I’m taking and what I’m learning how to make it happen.

This and That:

  • Giveaways  + Reviews: We’re rounding up sponsors for this blog, and I’m on a hunt for like-minded ventures, art and projects to showcase here. Stuff and services that make the world a lovelier place. Some of you ladies have juicy art I’m eyeing and I’ll be emailing you soon.

Whew. So that’s that. What say you? Are you in? Let’s make this the year we live our big, bold and beautiful lives, shall we?

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  1. says

    “We’re no different from our children, whose growth is perhaps only more pronounced because they have not yet forgotten how to live in the Present.”
    I like this. Food for thought :)
    Becca´s last blog post ..Snow Makes You Slow

  2. says

    P.S. I’M IN, VINA!!! You got me jazzed!! I have always been a creative junky, and would LOVELOVELOVE to be able to make some money from home (not a sales/networking business….tried that and failed) when I have my babies….through….piano composition/teaching website, and published music and children’s stories. Currently working on my one year goal of 20 piano compositions (on #3) before getting help with the website. I love songwriting and it comes easy, so decided to follow mom’s advice and shoot for the moon! Excited for that! And going to be blogging, teaching, and cooking lots lots more…..so. Vina. I am totally in with you! Here’s too an amazing year!! 😀
    Becca´s last blog post ..Snow Makes You Slow

  3. Vina Barham says

    @Becca, Yay Becca! Go shoot for the moon! Do what comes easy to you and what gets you going! I’m excited to have you here and looking forward to an amazing year together! :)

  4. says

    I’m in! The radiant, velvetten goddess, purposefully shepherding precious childhood with real food and nourishing homemaking sounds like something I need to me a part of.

  5. Christa says

    Yay! I’m glad to be reading you again! And an everyday read on your blog would be awesome in my day as well :) Here are the headings that I’m drawn to most of all:

    Happily Ever After – who doesn’t need to hear more honest depictions of marriage!?

    I Am Goddess – It took me 10 years (including 5 years of weekly therapy) to get out of fundamentalism. I inched out – from Assemblies of God to Jubilee/Campus Crusade to Presbyterian (the liberal branch.) I’m happy with my church and friend choices now, but yeah – the old stuff is still in my head sometimes even though I’ve made lots of progress. I’d love to hear your work in this area!

    Real Food Hacks: These are the recipes I need! Traditional food especially your Filipino recipes would be great. I can’t get good asian food here in missoula to save my life.

    Velveteen Mama Diaries : Ha! This is so me.

    Year of the Dress Edition: I’m super interested in hearing about the origin of this! I’m in a lull in my own wardrobe – partly because I probably won’t lose any more weight until I’m finished nursing (apparently there is a percentage of women who hang on to baby weight while they nurse – why me? Argh.) . So I only have a smaller number of clothes for a while. I need some inspiration.

  6. Vina Barham says

    @Christa, Sweet Christa! Thanks for sharing what headings you are drawn to! Helps me out! And with Real Food Hacks? I’ll definitely do more Filipino/asian recipes. :) And as far as dresses, may I offer the suggestion? Dressings ARE so forgiving, I’m finding out. And so comfortable. Compared to jeans. Just my take. :)

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