Art and the Mother, Everyday Creatix Edition: Go Forth and Create Every Chance You Get

Note: Last week, I shared about the day I danced again. I had planned on sharing more about my upcoming Nia White Belt Training this week but realized  I didn’t have much to say about it yet and that perhaps, it’s best to write more on that when I’m actually going through the training. Or right after it. It’s a little over a month and I’m still trying to save/come up with money for it. So I wanted to ask if you knew anyone who needed blog design work of some sort, and could you would you please refer me? Or, if you are feeling mighty generous and this blog has helped you in any way, could you perhaps consider making a donation towards helping me make my dream a reality? You could email me or leave a comment below! My deepest thanks!

I think it was Pablo Picasso who said this, “Every child is born an artist, the problem is to remain one once they grow up.”

And I absolutely wholeheartedly gosh-darn-it agree.

I am an Artist.

And so are you.

Except if you are like most people, myself included, chances are you’ve forgotten that you are.  And that perhaps is one of the biggest lies that keep us from living the Life that is truly Ours.

I 100% believe that we each possess a Gift or Gifts to offer the world. We are all Gifted in a sense – we’ve been gifted with  Something valuable to the world and unique to only us.  One of the biggest tasks we have as parents is to preserve our children’s Artist self so that they grow up knowing how they are meant to serve the world.

:: Pause ::

It took a long time for me to start calling myself an Artist. But when I did, I started to have this persistent longing to Create all the time. I started this blog. I wrote every chance I got.  I bought charcoal pencils, water color, paints, different kinds of paper, books and so forth and used them with my little girl whenever we could. I sought out opportunities to create with my daughter, learning to draw animals for instance (she LOVES animals) as showed in the photo above. She loves stories and I seized the opportunity to hone my storytelling skills. And perhaps my favorite, we sing songs all the time and I’ve taken up to relearning piano, which I played a little in my childhood and picking up the guitar, which I learned in high school.   I also saw my time in the kitchen as a way to create even more.

And the more I Created, the closer I felt to discovering who I am and what my Life’s Work is. I am learning that following the longing to create and make Art is big part of what it means to be human. If you are not creating, you are not fulfilling your purpose as a human being.

Because the simple truth is this: To be human is to create.

Your Turn: Are you ready to acknowledge that you are an Artist? Do you know what it is that you want to create and bring forth into the world? As usual, tweet and like below and spread the word if you liked this article, or if you think someone else could use the encouragement. Thank you!

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