Month End Revue: Our Life In February According To Instagram

So, it finally comes to an end, this February. With an extra day and all that jazz.

I celebrate February, the month that was, with a new and once again maybe perhaps sorta regular ritual that I hope to do here at the end of every month. A way for me to look back and give thanks at the beauty and goodness in my everyday.

My Month End Revue, according to Instagram:

The Me in the Mommy: Sacred Sexy Self-Care + Art

Notes: I bought myself an art journal and at least once week, if not more, I try to draw, paint or create something. It’s been quite lovely.  I’ve also been taking Nia every week and just last night, I became an official Nia White Belt Student! Wooo Hooo! I’m super excited!  I need to write about Nia soon and how it’s changing my life so very much but oh, so raw and fresh and hard to find the words. Probably why I was drawn to create that last piece of photo you see above. With a short poem: “She danced all her sorrows away, and she found joy at every sway.” That pretty much sums up my Nia experience thus far.

Our Life At Home:

Notes: This month was a lot about singing. Mostly songs from the Annie Musical. That photo of my daughter with a bucket? That’s her performing the “Hard Knock Life.” Broadway Musical Talent in the making? Maybe. Maybe. We did a few crafty things around the house, but mostly the same slow and simple stuff that our everyday life is made of: play, play and lots of creative play.  We’ve been enjoying Where the Wild Things Are this month, along with a few winter-ish and Groundhog related books.  Our favorites from our circle time this month consist of The North Wind Doth Blow from Elizabeth Mitchell’s You Are My Little Bird CD and The Seed Babies which I got from June Cleaver in Yoga Pants. It’s such a lovely story and my daughter enjoyed both song and story very much. We’re still taking care of Mr. N twice a week and my daughter has been asking for a little brother (and sister) for the past few weeks now. She misses the little boy on the days we don’t care for him and I can totally see her being such a caring older sister.

Food We Ate:

Notes: Lots of Stews and Soups this month! Stews are really my favorite dish to feed my family because it’s just so nourishing! I might have to just write a post about stews before the cold months are over! I was pretty good staying away from grains and sugar the first part of the month but slowly, the flours and starches  crept back into our meals over the last week or so. I’ve noticed the weight gain already, not to mention that I get more tired rather easily. And my scalp psoriasis is back with a vengeange. I was aiming for a 80/20 but I might just have to go back to eating grain-free 100% again. It’s just SO DARN HARD, especially when living with carb-living members of your household. Suggestions?

Weekending + Places Our Feet Took Us

Notes: This was such a full month for us and I’m so thankful! Usually, February is such a blah month for me. But lots have changed, including my outlook on life.  I used to want to be mostly alone on the weekends, sending my hubby and daughter way on a date together, but I’ve noticed that it makes me grumpier instead of happier. I thought what i needed was time to myself, (which I still do and take but I go out now and do something I love instead of staying home), but it turns out I also needed to have fun with my family! And I think 3 out of the 4 weekends, it’s exactly what we’ve had!

So there you go! February, you’ve been a delight, and much more!

P.S. I’ve shared before how Instagram is changing my life and I’m still very much in love with it. Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim has been hosting A Photo A Day since January and I’m finally saying yes and joining in the creative craziness! While I already take a LOT of photos on my own, I think her March PHoto A Day Challenge would add to my creative juices, something I’ve realized I don’t want to live without. I just want to try it out for this next month, and then I’m (not-so) secretly trying to devise a way to come up with my own creative challenge for my peeps. Join me?

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