Velveteen Mama Diaries: A Glimpse Into Our Weekend Life

Weekends are when we try to play together as a family. Or at least that’s the plan. It doesn’t always happen, especially if I don’t follow through carving out time for myself first. Because when that doesn’t happen? Let’s just say when mama is unhappy, everything else falls apart.

So first thing Saturday morning, I sleep in a little bit. Except I don’t really “sleep in” but I do whatever I want in bed (like read or mindlessly get lost on cyberspace – does anyone still call it that?) while hubby and the little one play together and maybe prepare breakfast. Because I don’t usually bother to cook on Saturday mornings. In fact, I hardly do any cooking on the weekend  – something my husband and I have agreed on, so as I give myself the much needed break from cooking since it’s not exactly my most favorite thing in the world despite appearances, and well, it’s sort of a way to assert my free will, a statement that I am not bound to the kitchen just because I happen to be a mom.

And then slowly, I make my way to hang out with the family a little bit before I head out to my Nia class. I swear, it has done for me what I’ve always wanted to get out of a typical church worship, but rarely did: a whole mind-body-spirit connection to the Divine, and to myself. But I’m not writing about Nia today, so back to weekending.

The last two weekends, I’ve been walking to my Nia class which I’ve loved so much. Even though my daughter and I go for walks quite often, it’s been a long time since I have gone on a walk by myself. Such a treat! And then just this last Saturday, I added a new ritual to my Sacred Sexy Self Care Sabbath by stopping by a bubble tea place on my way home to journal, read and draw. Of course I drank bubble tea and pretended I was back in China, like once upon a time. I have such fond memories, that part of my life.

And then I come home, our family has lunch together and then we spend the rest of the afternoon napping, and then heading out to Seattle Center to watch Stars on Ice (we scored free tickets!) My daughter was fascinated for a little bit but we had to leave an hour into the show after she declares being “done” for the day.

Sunday morning, we headed out to Discovery Park , one of our all time favorite places to visit outside West Seattle. It’s not too far, plus we can easily head off to Ballard to find some tasty treats afterwards. One can easily spend the entire day there, except it was super cold that day and we didn’t bring enough snacks to last us longer than a few hours.

We headed to the playground not too far from the Visitor Centre, where the entire family enjoyed the zipline! Our daughter sat on my lap and begged to do it over and over and over again – and we laughed the entire time! It was so much fun! And my hubby had his share of fun too!

And of course, one of my daughter’s favorite thing to do: roll down the hill! She has mastered this art quite well – I started doing this with her when she was really little. I would wrap my arms around her and we would roll down the hill together! The simple pleasures of childhood!

They also have a really fun marine-life themed playroom in the Visitor Centre and it so happens that my daughter absolutely LOVES sea animals of all kinds! We stayed there for a bit while she played with all the sea animals until we ran out of food!

So we headed to the Fishermen’s Terminal, where die-hard seafood lovers could go and buy the catch of the day. I’ve never tried to do that though it’s on my list of things I want to do. We grabbed lunch – some fish and chips and of course, chowder, after exploring around the marina a little bit. I think it’s time we visit the aquarium again and indulge my little girl’s interest in the aquatic world.

After lunch, we drove up to my parent’s house to see my family, which is quite a drive from where we live. So little one fell asleep, and my husband, always the thoughtful one, suggested to drop me off the thrift store so I can do a little thrifting while we let the sleepy head catch some snooze. I found a few lovely things and walked back to my parent’s house.

We played with my sister and nephew at the playground to soak up every last bit of sunshine we can and then went to the mall for dinner with my dad. We hadn’t done that in awhile (gone to the mall, and with my family too!) so it was so much fun to hang out with everyone. We talked about our life back in the Philippines and how you could not find a mall with less than three floors. Plans for visiting the Philippines together came up – and I got super excited at the idea of going home with the entire family, especially with my husband and my daughter along. It’s been what? 10 years since I’ve last visited. Oh my.

I sorta didn’t want the day to end – it was  much fuller than our normal weekends and I loved every single minute of it. We usually rest more on Sundays but now I’m rethinking our whole weekend routine. I don’t think we can do something like this weekend after weekend beause come Monday, I was so tired I had to rest from the weekend that was!

But maybe weekends aren’t really for resting. Especially since our life is already on the slow pace during the week. Maybe weekends are about family, fun explorations and of course food. Maybe weekends are whatever you want them to be, in whichever way they can increase the fullness and happiness of your life. Maybe weekends are simply either the extension of the week you already love, or a precursor to.  Instead of an abrupt halt or break to your days.

Or maybe there shouldn’t be weekends at all.

And that really? Everyday is a weekend day.

The End.

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