Welcome To Homespun Waldorf Readers!

Today, I am guest posting for Homespun Waldorf’s Winter Carnival: a diverse collection of bloggers bringing warmth to the cold days of February. We’re sharing winter ideas on making, pondering, nourishing and playing to kindle and inspire, and you’re invited to join us! Today, I share a very easy snack recipe for the little ones: homemade “Goldfish” crackers. Although they are not the most nourishing of snacks, I still make this occasional treat for my little girl who used to love the store-bought kind before I learned to make them at home.  For my dear ANH readers, I encourage you to visit and take a look around.

Also, I warmly welcome the Homespun Waldorf Readers to our humble space here at a Nourishing Home. We discuss an eclectic mix of ideas around here and I hope you find something worthwhile to take with you. We’ve always had a strong focus on self-care for moms, feminine spirituality, simple play,  authentic mothering, real food and  healthy treats, and well, much more. So stay awhile, make yourself at home and we hope you’ll join us here again soon!

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