On Feminine Brilliance (Or Why My Blog Is So Hot Pink)


So maybe you haven’t noticed my absence from this blog once again, but in case you have, I thought I need some ‘splaining to do.

As you can see, there’s a few changes here on this blog, the most obvious one being that I’ve gone completely Girly. Pink! Cursive! If you think I’m soon going to pull out some ruffles and tutus and other feminine-ish stuff you could imagine, you’re probably right.

From my Year of the Dress Challenge to my Mommy Moontime Confessions, it’s sort of self-evident this direction I’m headed. And with that, where I wanted to this blog to go.

Except if blogs had a mind of their own, mine was stubborn and unyielding. There is so much past and history that just doesn’t jive with my Present and my blog kept wanting to hold on.

To what exactly, I’m not sure. I suppose it was the nostalgia, the sentimental and religious ideas I have of my identity as a mother and a homemaker, and the dream of finally finding my home in that.

But the word Home has started to evolve for me over the last year or so and my identity has magically outgrown the confines of how I used to define it.

It seems to me that nourishing a Home, before it is about family, is about nourishing my own Feminine Self. For this Feminine Body IS my first home, the physical vessel that housed my equally Feminine Soul. (Or maybe my Body is part of my Soul and my Soul is part of my Body all the same? No matter.) The point is, a well-Nourished Family is but an extension, a reflection of a well-Nourished Feminine (and of course a well-Nourished Masculine too, but that is for another post).

And I’ve finally figured out why the hell we have severely malnourished families in this country, if not around the world (drum roll please):

It’s simply that…we have severely malnourished the Feminine.

It’s the worst tragedy to befall humankind and we scarcely noticed.

But there’s a growing Movement, a slow but steady Presence, a kind but firm Voice that keeps pointing us towards the kind of Wisdom we have so long ignored. We are collectively longing for this Wisdom, starved and thirsty for another kind of Truth that transcends Logic, the Written Word and any Established Order of sorts. It’s the kind that we all Possess and are Possessed by. The kind of knowing we have deep in our bones, our bodies and our spirits. The kind that is passed down from one generation to the next through legacy and kin. The kind that is written and etched directly in our hearts.

The kind that is Feminine Brilliance.

The Feminine Brilliance that says…our bodies are our temples. And to nourish our bodies, honor its design and listen to its wisdom is one of the greatest acts of worship we can ever offer.

The Feminine Brilliance that says…our bodies were made to birth and nurture children. And to follow our maternal intuition/primal instincts in how to birth and care for our young is one of the greatest gifts for transformation and spiritual growth if we dare embrace it.

The Feminine Brilliance that says…our bodies know exactly what it needs. And to listen to our bodies when it comes to the kind of food to consume or how much rest it requires on any given day is the simplest thing we can do for ourselves and our children to have healthier and happier lives.

The Feminine Brilliance that says…everything is Connected. And in that Connectedness, we breathe, move, live and find our very Being.

The Feminine Brilliance that brings Harmony and Balance to the Masculine Strength our culture is well-versed in.


I don’t know exactly how I got here. Nor do I really care. Because I’m here Now and really? That’s all that matters. And I have found my new soul purpose here on earth . One that encompasses and transcends what this blog, a nourishing home, was initially about.

I’m here to return to our Feminine Brilliance and help other women, and most especially my daughter, do the same.

How exactly I turn that into a sacred livelihood that makes my heart sing and empowers other women all at once, I have a few ideas. How exactly I work that out in this blog, I don’t know yet. It might be that I have to say good-bye to this blog to start a new one along with a biz that will rock this testosterone-charged world.

Who knows?

I’m taking it one day at a time, heck I’m taking it one moment at a time. And well, hot pink and cursive feel like the most fitting of ways to express my newfound life mission right here, right now.

P.S. I’m starting my Wise Women Leadership Program this week and my Nia White Belt Training next week (eeps!) so don’t expect me to be here on the blog a whole lot. In fact, I think my blogging schedule is about to change drastically – still thinking of the details. Lots and lots of re-imagining my social media platform along with the business I’m forever daydreaming about but I hope we can stay connected. I am on Facebook and Instagram awholelot so maybe I’ll see you there?

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  1. Christa says

    Thought you’d like to know that I bought a dress and heels a few days ago :) I’m excited to wear them. Also, I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time! Pretty!

  2. Vina Barham says

    @Christa, WOOOHOOO! :) I’ve never tried eyebrow waxing, but it’s because I don’t have to wax in the first place. :) Way to go Pretty mama!

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