Attachment Parenting Series: I Wonder. I Trust.

Note: I woke up in the middle of the night itching to write this. A rare occurrence so I thought I’d best follow it. If this speaks to you, do comment below so I know my middle-of-the-night waking is not in vain. Sometimes, I wonder. Whether or not my kind of parenting (also known as […]

Remembering: Back To BabyWearing (And My Favorite Ring Sling)

Note: Kathleen’s posts on her Attachment Parenting series inspired me to revisit babywearing. I kinda want to revisit some other AP related stuff and how I see Attachment Parenting a little bit differently now three years later. But for today, allow me to gush about Babywearing. Really, I’m all love. It’s been about two years […]

Nursing An Almost (Gasp) 3-Year Old: Why We Do It

Today, I’m writing about our extended-breastfeeding story not to prescribe our philosophy to others, but to simply give voice to an experience that most often isolate other moms in our culture. We all have our reasons why we raise our children the way we do, and I simply want to share this part of our […]

Now Mother, Discover Your Strengths

    Mothering is a multi-job position.  Oftentimes, we find ourselves wearing multiple hats simultaneously. A mother may  also be a: Cook Nutritionist Educator Psychologist Confidant Coach Researcher Facilitator Economist Manager Housecleaner Interior Decorator Personal Stylist  Seamstress Toymaker Gardener Homesteader And I’m sure the list can go on.   As a new mother, I was overwhelmed […]

Lessons From The Family Bed: What Co-Sleeping Is Teaching Us (Part 3)

Finally. Part 3 of this series. I wrote Part 1 and Part 2 last week and didn’t anticipate how much I had to say about this topic. But first: On The Issues That Divide Us: Let’s Learn From Each Other Instead When I started writing this series, I primarily wanted to liberate the family bed […]

Lessons From The Family Bed: What Co-Sleeping Is Teaching Us (Part 2)

    Yesterday, I wrote Part I of this series and I focused on how my parenting philosophy found me and discussed one commonly overlooked developmental aspect of sleep that we need to embrace and plan for. Today, I want to discuss aspects of the Western culture that make it hard for us to embrace the […]

Lessons From The Family Bed: What Co-Sleeping Is Teaching Us (Part 1)

  As I think about how to write for this particular post, I go back and forth between feelings of supreme-close attachment with my daughter who I’ve slept next to almost every night since she was born, and thinking to myself this-is-really-hard-i-wonder-if-i’ll-do-it-all-over-again-if-i-had-to type of thoughts. Sigh. This is very typical of our parenting adventures, no? […]

Natural Parenting Zealots: We Have Moved the Middle, At Least on Babywearing

Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more moms wearing their babies in slings, wraps, mei-tais and whatever other baby carriers have taken the market by storm. I wonder, could it be? Could it be, that it’s becoming as normal as strollers go? New York Times sure thinks so. And I’m glad. Thrilled. Ecstatic. To know […]

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