Potatoes Gone Bad? Make Potato Stamps! (A Really Really Simple Tutorial)

Every couple of weeks, I buy a huge bag of organic potatoes to save money and I never seem to use it all up before it starts sprouting and going gnarly on me. And I have to admit that I’ve been throwing them readily in the garbage (shame shame! but not really) except lately, I’ve… 

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Remembering: Back To BabyWearing (And My Favorite Ring Sling)

Note: Kathleen’s posts on her Attachment Parenting series inspired me to revisit babywearing. I kinda want to revisit some other AP related stuff and how I see Attachment Parenting a little bit differently now three years later. But for today, allow me to gush about Babywearing. Really, I’m all love. It’s been about two years… 

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Why We Love Scarves + Fabrics of Sorts (A Frugal Idea For Play)

In a world full of electronic and digital things, sometimes the most elementary stuff is just the best. Especially when it comes to play. Not only are simple play things, well, simple but they are also so good for your budget! And best of all, they cultivate open-ended creative play that many children nowadays don’t… 

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Rambling: This is How We Play


Curiosity. Delight. Pleasure. Nature. These we take seriously around our house. Or at least we’re beginning to! And thanks to this little person in our lives, everyday becomes an opportunity to Grow in these things, Play a whole lot more and be a bit closer to the Child we once were. I’m growing more and… 

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How To Turn Your To Do List Into A Ta-Da! List (Or How To Make Boring Chores Fun)


Sometime last year, I wrote about how I wanted to learn this practice of exulting in monotony and as a new mama and a homemaker, the mundane tasks I faced day in and out were still somewhat novel back then. Fast forward to my 3rd year of a life so domestic and I have to… 

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Explore Pleasure With Me?


So it seems like the theme this week (or perhaps the entire month?) is all about….Pleasure! Whee! I’m one season behind, it seems like (summer = pleasure, right?) but no matter. I’m following the Pleasure Trail and today, I’m defining what Pleasure is, and what it’s not. Ready? Let’s start by looking at our children…. 

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Sing Your Day Happy (And My Really Amateur Attempt at a Video Post)

Vina Sings Solo

Some days there won’t be a song in your heart.  Sing anyway.  ~Emory Austin I love to sing. I swear I wanted to be a singer when I was really really young. In fact, when I was around, oh maybe 9-10 years old (I don’t do well with facts), I joined a singing competition at… 

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Back to Simple + What Children Need More Than Toys

Naomi Playing BLocks

One of the things I love about Waldorf-inspired play are the beautiful toys that as an adult, inspire me and make me proud to display in my home and not in a separate play-room where kid stuff belongs. There’s something lovely about natural toys that are so simple and reflect the natural world in its… 

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When Three Year Olds Own Their Sovereignty A Little Bit Too Much


Terrible Twos, I didn’t get. There was absolutely nothing terrible about it. There was nothing much that nursing couldn’t fix and well, she was mostly happy to listen to her mother. (Which reminds me, if you haven’t heard about it yet. Have you checked out the Listen To Your Mother videos? Oh My. So good… 

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The Stories She Tells…


My daughter is fast becoming my favorite story-teller. A simple walk in the park becomes an adventure of bears climbing up a tree (perhaps looking for honey while pretending to be a rain cloud) while a plain old stick becomes a dog that we take out for a walk and feed all sorts of food… 

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