Friday Link-Love Theme: Love and Marriage and…Sex

I’ve always wondered why I hear so few mama bloggers write about their marriage And I still do. Why is that? I love talking about marriage and thinking about the different ways men and women relate and operate. And I love to dissect the psychology behind two people coming together intimately and faithfully forever… 

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Everyday Marriage: It’s The Small Things That Count

   When I read about blogs focusing on marriage, I kinda feel guilty. Because my husband and I don’t “work” on our marriage like we’re supposed to, at least according to the experts. Take date nights for starters. See, my husband and I haven’t had a date night in 20 months. We went out for… 

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Reflections on Marriage: Acceptance and Respect

I entered my marriage with a whole lot of expectations. Now, going on my fourth year, I realized that if my husband and I are going to stay happily married, I have to throw all of those expectations away. Sayonara, baby. Because marriage isn’t about getting your partner to meet your expectations, or vice versa…. 

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