Diving Deep: On Biker Bruises, Keeping Childlike and Meeting Pain Wholeheartedly


Yes, it’s summer in Seattle. Finally! Blue skies and just the right heat makes today absolutely perfect. We’ve had our first strawberry from our garden and some salad greens. Yum. I’m ready to milk this weather for all its worth in the next two months. Except today’s edition is going to be about…pain. Yah, I […]

An Exercise In Being Me: An Introduction To All Things Filipino And My Childhood Dream

Part of me feels like I should not endorse the video below for whatever politically-correct reason that I can’t think of right now. Whatever. The truth is, I laughed so much watching this video that I almost cried. It got me wondering whatever happened to my own Filipino accent and shortly thereafter had me trying […]

The Secret to Everyday Joy (Or How To Resist the Purist Trap and All The S*** That Is Perfectionism)


May this little girl never forget the secret. I know right? How can the words joy and s*** be in the same sentence? But they are, and often appear together in real life. Especially when it comes to our struggle with the ugliness that is perfectionism, the holy grail of all purists, be they mothers […]

Coming Home To Ourselves: Sorting Out My Out-Of-Sorts Faith

(One Of The Most Spiritually Transformative Moments Of My Life) We haven’t gone to “church” in a really long time. And today, I decided, that we’re going to drop by. I’m not fully 100% given to the idea, but it seems like a good one, especially since if my husband got his way every week, […]

Finding My Heart At Home


I’m at a major crossroad in my life. There’s a big part of me that embraces all of this domesticity I find myself in day and out. My heart and my soul tell me that I belong here and that raising my child (and hopefully will be plural soon in the near future) is the […]

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