The Real Challenge of Motherhood Is This: Growing Up And Keeping Childlike All At Once

I’ve talked often about not wanting balance in my life a countless times. And how I would rather  learn how to live gracefully with the Tension. (And by tension, I don’t mean stress and chaos. But the kind of tension required on a string of an instrument to make a pitch-perfect note. The right kind […]

A Mother’s Work

Today, my daughter and I had the most fun-filled spontaneous day ever. At least it was for me. And we didn’t have to spend a single dime.  We started out the day hanging out in our pajamas and taking our sweet time eating breakfast and getting ready for the day. A little bit of chores […]

Nourishing Your Children With The Uniqueness That Is You: Mothering With Authenticity

    Motherhood is rigorous work. We all know this. Oh. So. Well. Which is why often we turn to communities of all sorts, online or in person. For support. For tips. For resources that can help us to love what we do, to embrace especially the mundane and the monotonous stuff. Rightly so. I […]

Nursing a Toddler: Our Journey and Some Thoughts

    A friend asks, with a tone that is not so clearly positive: “You’re still nursing?” I respond rather awkwardly, since the answer is quite obvious right there in front of me: “Uhm, yes.” Uncomfortable silence ensues. {Pause} So my daughter is almost 20-months old and she is still nursing like a 6-month old. […]

The Beauty of Monotony

I’ve had no time  motivation whatsoever to blog these days. I just feel so…tired. And with that, uninspired. And I need to be inspired to write (although sometimes, the inspiration comes after I start writing.)  I read all these blogs by moms who have not just one, two, three but FOUR kiddos and I wonder how […]

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