Velveteen Mama Diaries: A Glimpse Into Our Weekend Life

Weekends are when we try to play together as a family. Or at least that’s the plan. It doesn’t always happen, especially if I don’t follow through carving out time for myself first. Because when that doesn’t happen? Let’s just say when mama is unhappy, everything else falls apart. So first thing Saturday morning, I […]

The Too-Tired-To-Write-Something-Coherent-Edition (And A Special Video that Will Make You Smile!)

I was going to write about how blogging is changing my life, but oh boy I need to get to bed. I’m sick and behind on a lot of things! I’m not sure if I mistakenly said yes to too many things or it’s just a matter of figuring out my own stylish system to […]

Family Fridays: A Day In The City (And An Encouragement For When Your Day Is Going Oh So Bad)


Today, I’m going backwards. And so we start with the end. Of the day that me and my little girl went into the city for a day of fun. And here she is waiting at the bus stop for our ride back home, with her little pony safely tucked under her shirt. A quick little […]

Family Life: The Week That Was

A new Friday ritual: In which I share about our family life. Today, I’m feeling like another round of show and tell. Of our week that was and all that I’m thankful, hopeful and joyful for. A way to capture the moments of our days that bring pause to my present, find relish in the […]

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