There Is No Fail. Just Another Way of Growing Up And Returning To Ourselves.


You know that trick question of, what would you do if you couldn’t fail? Well, it’s not a trick question. Because the truth is, there is no fail. Fail is just another construct in our black/white + good/bad dichotomy we’ve inherited by way of childhood, religious dogma or cultural conditioning. It started maybe from when […]

On Feminine Brilliance (Or Why My Blog Is So Hot Pink)

: So maybe you haven’t noticed my absence from this blog once again, but in case you have, I thought I need some ‘splaining to do. As you can see, there’s a few changes here on this blog, the most obvious one being that I’ve gone completely Girly. Pink! Cursive! If you think I’m soon […]

Hello 2012: Coming Home To Presence, Purpose and Pleasure

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. And I’m hoping it’s been true for you. Because it’s been true for me. I’ve been long gone from this space and I’ve really missed it. And I missed you. But sometimes, we need to step back to gain perspective and clarity and I’ve been really needing […]

Coming Home To Ourselves: The (Wounded) Voice of the Feminine

Note: I thought I hit publish this morning but apparently not! Anyway, this post was hard for me to write, perhaps because everything is still to raw and right-now so consider this a sort of a rambling-processing post. Take what speaks to you! ┬áIt is after all, my story and mine alone. Last Sunday, I […]

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