Interrupting Our Normal Blogging Schedule (As If There Was One): I Need Your Help!

There’s so much I want to share. And explain. And explore with y’all. But where to begin? I’m not the most succinct person (my blog posts tend to be meandering as one dear fellow blogger describes my writing style – so true Kathleen!) and I sometimes think I suffer from a major case of ADD…. 

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Is Your Work Changing The World? : Intro to Nourishing Work Series Part I, My Story

   I’ve decided to devote Wednesdays to Nourishing Work (as part of a free e-book I am sloooowly working on, Motherhood, Meaning and Money.) You know, doing Work we Love, Work that Changes the World and Work that Changes Us. And of course, Work that Pays too. And handsomely at that. Nourishing Work is where… 

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