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Note: Today’s post is light-hearted and about food, which seems laughable when there’s so much scarcity of it right now in East Africa. I think in particular the heart-breaking plight of the most vulnerable, the children, and just writing that brings tears to my eyes. And makes me want to just scrap this post altogether…. 

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Learning Homemade: Basic Cream Cheese (And Whey)

When you think of cream cheese, what comes to mind? Of course, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, right? The kind they serve in single-serving wrapper for that bagel you eat with your Starbucks coffee. Well, that’s about all I knew of cream cheese, until I got a copy of Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct… 

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Making Peace With Being A (Hopelessly Flawed) Planner :: And Our Weekly Menu To Boot ::


Although naturally a planner, I live on the edge once in a while and make do without a plan. But often with disastrous results. I get panicky mostly because I fail to come up with a creative and neat solution on my feet. When I take time to plan out my week, no matter how… 

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